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About Acres & Heirs

Vision Statement

Acres and Heirs Development Company

“Investing Today for a Better Tomorrow”
Acres and Heirs Development Company was formed in 2019 as a nationwide real estate investment group seeking multifamily residential opportunities to position capital in emerging markets with maximum long-term growth potential. The company’s goal is to consistently grow and prosper through acquisition of properties, while building, improving and managing a strong and profitable real estate portfolio. The members of the ACRES AND HEIRS currently are focusing on acquiring ownership interests in the United States.

“Investing and Making Money to Make a Difference”
Business Information – “More than just a Corporation”

The ACRES AND HEIRS, is more than just a corporation it is a Circle of Families & Friends. The long-term investment goal of the Circle of Families & Friends within Acres and Heirs is “Investing Today for a Better Tomorrow”. The company is owned by Principle Partners. The Company also has Investing Partners. The ACRES AND HEIRS is governed by an Investment Board made up of the Principle Partners and Investing Partners (see Partnership Agreement). The company’s investments also include a number of Minority Investors who are considered Limited Partners in particular projects.

Mission Statement

Investing Today for a Better Tomorrow
Our mission is to encourage and provide opportunities for minorities to invest today for a better tomorrow. We are investing money and making money in order to make a difference in minority communities.

The Purpose and Activities of Our Circle of Families & Friends within ACRES AND HEIRS are:

1. To Invest Money while Increasing our Knowledge about Wise Investing

  • We will evaluate investment opportunities every month
  • We will travel to Real Estate Investing Seminars and educational programs
  • All Partners (Principle and Investing) will make monthly investments
  • All Board Members should strive to attend our Quarterly Board Meetings
  • All Minority Investors (MIM) will make monthly contributions to individual investment accounts until they acquire enough funds to invest in a project

2. To Make Money by Investing Wisely and Regularly

  • We will limit our portfolio to a manageable number of properties
  • We will keep an updated brief report about each property and project in our portfolio every quarter
  • We will seek to Invest in properties with values likely to double in 5 – 10 years

3. To Make a Difference while Fostering Friendships, Family, and Fun

  • We will have a monthly ACRES AND HEIRS Fellowship Hour at a local Restaurant
  • We will have ACRES AND HEIRS holiday party in December at a local establishment
  • We will have ACRES AND HEIRS picnic / cookout or travel destinations every summer
  • Partners and Investors will perform ACRES AND HEIRS Community Service Projects
  • ACRES AND HEIRS will have Minority Mentoring, GED and Homeowners Programs
  • ACRES AND HEIRS may choose to support the candidacies of candidates for political office upon unanimous agreement of all Partners